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Glioblastoma Activity is Altered by Hypoxia

Pathophysiologic oxygen induces morphological changes, increased expression of anti-apoptotic and proliferation markers, and miRNA expression dysregulation in GBM cells.

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Nature BME Publishes Urgent Call for Reproducibility

A landmark article by Klein et al. calls for widespread change in environmental control in mammalian cell culture.

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Metabolic Profile of Circulating ILC2s Depends on OXPHOS/O2

Surace et al. demonstrate complete control of O2 and physiologic parameters as they expand current knowledge of ILC2 metabolism in this notable publication in Nature Immunology.

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Closed Manufacturing Platforms are Crucial for Cell Therapy Revolution

Abraham et al. assert that the next step towards commercial-scale autologous cell therapy manufacturing is closed, automated, and scalable platforms.

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A Cytocentric Giant: Hal Broxmeyer

In December, we lost a mighty scientist who founded modern cord blood medicine, and showed the whole world how constant physiologic oxygen is critical to cells during isolation.

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Oxygen Intrinsically Linked to Cell Senescence

Wiley and Campisi delve into the myriad causes of cellular senescence, including the influence of oxygen on senescent cell phenotype and frequency.

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