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Cytocentric® Incubator & Oxygen Glovebox

  • Full Time O2/CO2 Optimization
  • Full Time Protection
  • More Consistent Data
  • Quick O2/CO2 Recovery
  • Maximum User Comfort
  • Ample Workspace
  • Accommodates Subchambers
  • No Disturbance When Incubator Is Opened
  • Hypoxia in vitro models
  • Physiologic oxygen for cell culture


When you publish your data generated with this equipment, please copy and paste as follows for proper citation in your manuscript.

I-Glove Overview


The incubator is an essential part of the cell culturing process. The only drawback is the exposure to ambient air. Processing cells contained solely in an incubator is widely accepted, though it creates numerous complications.


Primarily, the optimal atmospheric environment inside the incubator is disturbed whenever the door is opened. Secondly, a large amount of gas is required to restore the contained atmosphere to optimal conditions (especially hypoxia). Lastly, cultures are usually manipulated in a hood outside the incubator under suboptimal conditions.


The I-Glove chamber is a valuable, affordable solution to these problems. It is a large laboratory glove box in which your incubator sits. Identical conditions can be controlled both inside and outside the incubator allowing cultures to be manipulated under optimal conditions. This process removes the necessity of a hood and consumes minimal gas. This means the control range of the incubator is also easily controlled. Inside the I-Glove, extreme oxygen levels are easily maintained.

site iglove09

Complete System

A nitrogen gas supply is necessary for hypoxia. If CO2 control is necessary, a tank of CO2 is also required, as is a CO2 controller to control it. (Incubator not included). site iglove10


Oxygen controllers, such as the ProOx P360 pictured, and CO2 controllers fit the I-Glove. site iglove11


A subchamber, such as the 1-shelf C-Chamber above (Multiple sizes available), is used to transport cells to and from the I-Glove. They sit inside your incubator, providing isolated environments and allowing multiple protocols per incubator.


site iglove12 • Right hinge or left hinge configurations site iglove13 • Single or Dual User • O2 and/or CO2 control in buffer chamber only • O2 and/or CO2 control in glove chamber in addition to buffer chamber • Continuous recirculating atmosphere conditioner


site iglove14

Front View

site iglove15

Incubator End View

site iglove16

Buffer End View

Installation Schematic



1. Set I-Glove on secure level surface. 2. Remove side panel and place existing incubator inside. 3. Replace side panel. 4. Place controller on or near buffer chamber. 5. Hook up gas supply/supplies. 6. Connect the controller(s), power supply and sensor.

How It Works

iglove04The I-Glove provides a workspace equivalent to the size of a standard small hood. The technician works with gloves that are seam-welded into a clear plastic window to maximize visibility, and ambient room lighting. The flexibility of the window allows maximum mobility and comfort. Atmospheric conditions inside the I-Glove can be controlled to optimize O2/CO2 conditions outside the incubator. The I-Glove is separated from outside air by a buffer chamber. Aseptic conditions, as well as isolation from technicians and room air, minimize chance of contamination. The I-Glove also provides a protective barrier against harmful viruses, vectors, prions, and other infectious agents. Chambers and vessels are moved in and out through the buffer chamber. It is large enough to receive a wide range of subchambers and specialized culture vessels. This allows you to integrate the I-Glove and your existing incubator with many other specialized cell culture systems from BioSpherix.

iglove05Cells can be removed from the incubator without disturbing optimal O2and/or CO2 conditions. iglove06Handle and manipulate cells in aseptic environment without disturbance in optimal O2/CO2 conditions. No BSL2 hood required. iglove07Cells and all necessary supplies enter through the buffer chamber.
site iglove17Cells removed from normal incubator and handled in normal hood are exposed to suboptimal conditions. Cells removed and handled from incubator in I-Glove are never exposed to suboptimal conditions. site iglove06The I-Glove accommodates most standard incubators. Access to the incubator door is easy via the soft comfortable glove front. The cells can then be brought out into the workspace for uninterrupted optimal cell processing.