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Maximize THE physiological relevance of cell-based assays

By combining BioSpherix’s Xvivo System with Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI)’s HoloMonitor® Live Cell Imaging & Analysis system you are able to maximize the physiological relevance in your cell culture studies.
HoloMonitor M4 is a small microscope designed to operate 24/7 inside a cell culture incubator – to image your cells in a relevant cellular environment. Without any labels or stains, it uses digital holography to record your cells in real-time. The result is real 3D images and quantitative data on your cultures, all the way down to single-cell level, collected in a completely non-destructive way.

Benefit from Cytocentric live cell assays directly in your incubator

The label-free HoloMonitor Live Cell Imaging Assays enable non-invasive visualization and analysis of both single cells and cell populations— in an incubator environment, hypoxia chamber or directly in an Xvivo system.

HoloMonitor live cell assays let you check on cell culture quality, follow morphology changes, study cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, movement behavior, identify drug dose-responses or follow everyday cell life on events like cell division, differentiation, migration, or cell death.

reveal unique cell behavior with HoloMonitor Single-cell analysis

BioSpherix has previously used the HoloMonitor single-cell analysis ability to study variability in edge wells of 96-well plates – the so called “edge effect” – which is limiting many in vitro studies. By tracking single cells, HoloMonitor has captured settling patterns of cells when seeded in 96-well plates under different temperature conditions. BioSpherix’s results show that cells seeded under controlled thermal conditions settle more randomly and without directional cell migration, thereby reducing the edge effect.
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secure relevant answers with non-invasive imaging

As a joined project of like-minded companies, we finalized a successful webinar series on how to achieve reproducible data in cell-based research!
• WHY is it so important to control the experimental conditions down to a cellular level?
• HOW can you achieve a truly controlled experimental setup for relevant and reproducible data?
• WHAT makes HoloMonitor and its label-free cell assays fit perfectly in in vitro experiment workflows?

You are welcome to watch our webinar series on-demand.