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At SBI, we develop leading-edge instruments that make the work of cell scientists like yourself easier and more reproducible as you seek to de-risk new cell-based therapeutic agents, grow artificial tissue faster and discover new drugs. As the industry is on the precipice of a scalability revolution, SBI is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art instruments, strategies and technologies to expedite the production of viable cells with a streamlined process and product consistency.

SBI’s proprietary intelligent and dynamic (ID) closed-loop system allows for cells to call for their own oxygen and nutrients — which dramatically improves accuracy in monitoring cell growth, and ultimately developing new classes of drugs and artificial tissue. Real-time pH and dissolved oxygen sensing, agitation, and environmental control help you determine the optimal culture conditions for your cells. SBI’s ID instruments provide you the data you need for designing your experiments.


ID • Fiber Optic Kit – Real-Time pH & DO Monitoring