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Respiratory Control / Therapeutic Hypoxia

For understanding control of breathing, scientists use a variety of in vivo models where oxygen levels and carbon dioxide are controlled to gain insight about: hypoxic ventilatory response (HVR) and hypercapnic ventilatory response (HCVR).

To assess therapeutic potential of hypoxia, researchers employ a variety of animal research models where controlled exchanges between normoxia (21% O2 in atmosphere) and modest hypoxia occur. Studies with intermittent hypoxia (or episodic hypoxia) ask questions about possible enhancement of: breathing control, respiratory plasticity, control of ventilation, and neural plasticity.

Flexible options for controlling O2 and CO2 permit scientists to establish new in vivo models or replicate existing respiratory models. Researchers select values for: ramp, soak, peak, trough, frequency, and duration to carry out precisely controlled hypoxic (and hypercapnic) studies. Different protocols may be performed simultaneously using independently programmed chambers that permit greater research throughput or accommodate the needs of multiple laboratories at the same time. Learn more about how BioSpherix’s cell equipment can be used in assessing the potential of hypoxia therapy below.


Animal Equipment

OxyCycler A84XOV & A-Chamber

Accomplish reproducible in vivo models of intermittent hypoxia with OxyCycler A84XOV & A-Chamber. Use one or more chambers (up to four) that are individually controlled to perform multiple O2 protocols at the same time. The optional Monitor Pod monitors and records environmental conditions inside the chamber: parts per million carbon dioxide (CO2 ppm), relative humidity (RH), temperature, and oxygen.

OxyCycler A42OC & A-Chamber

Animal studies with both intermittent hypoxia and hypercapnia are carried out using the OxyCycler A42OC & A-Chamber. To mimic pathophysiological ventilatory conditions, the OxyCycler A42OC & A-Chamber performs dynamic control of O2 and CO2 in either one or two individually programmed exposure chambers.

Quick & Quiet Profiler

To rapidly exchange between atmospheric oxygen (21% O2) and hypoxia while maintaining sound from gas infusion below acceptable decibel levels, the Quick & Quiet Profiler accessory kit provides an upgrade path for either the OxyCycler A84XOV & A-Chamber or OxyCycler A41OV & A-Chamber.

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