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  • simulate physiologic intrauterine O2 levels
  • simulate physiologic embryonic/fetal tissue O2 levels
  • reproducibly model developmental/gestational hypoxia
  • reproducibly perform trophoblast models of pre-eclampsia
  • reproducibly model placental/intrauterine hypoxia

Cell Equipment

ProOx C21 & C-Chamber

Cell Research – physiologic oxygen chamber, hypoxia chamber with static control of O2 and CO2C21 & C-Chamber

Xvivo System

Cell Research – physiologic oxygen incubator and hood system, hypoxia workstation, hypoxia glove box with independently programmable control of O2, CO2, and Temperature in one (or more) modular incubator chamber(s) and/or cell handling chamber(s) – Xvivo System

Animal Equipment

ProOx 360 & A-Chamber

Animal Modeling – hypoxia chamber with static control of O2ProOx 360 & A-Chamber