Cell Analysis

Controlled conditions are important for cell analysis. Today, most cell-based assays are performed in standard CO2 incubators, open BSCs, and room-air cell analyzers. Assay conditions in CO2 incubators vary greatly and never resemble the physiological cell environment. In spite of best practices, handling 96-well plates in open hoods exposes cells to inconsistent conditions, supraphysiologic O2, and subphysiologic Temp and CO2. These common laboratory practices followed by cell analysis in room air results in inconsistent data with poor scientific reproducibility, reduced translatability, and limited prediction value. The BioSpherix oxygen chambers and incubators offer more reliability during cell analysis. Variable, non-physiologic conditions for cell-based assays affect:

  • cell viability
  • metabolic function
  • immunophenotype
  • proliferation rate
  • cell morphology
  • protein production
  • cytotoxic response
  • migration activity
  • cytokine release
  • cell cycle