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Closed incubators, hoods
and chambers for physiologic
conditions around cardiac
cell cultures

Closed incubators, hoods
and chambers for physiologic
conditions around cardiac
cell cultures

Struggling to get good data from cardiomyocytes or Cardiac progenitors?
Most labs aren’t equipped with the right tools to provide cells from the heart with constant physiologic oxygen, CO2 and temperature.
Get the right equipment for controlling cell culture conditions that mimic physioxia or hypoxia in vivo.
Improve Relevance and Reproducibility of Findings with Full Time Control
Options for Adding Physioxic Control to Cardiac Research

Upgrade your traditional CO2 incubator with hypoxic chambers


Replace your incubator and BSC with a closed cell incubation and handling chamber

Options for Adding Physioxic Control to Clinical Cardiac Cell Production

How do I get cytocentric equipment FOR Controlling physioxia/hypoxia for cardiac cells?

Step 2


Step 3

Get quality results

Visit a Cytocentric Lab

Cardiac Research at The Hospital for Sick Children

Cardiovascular Research at SUNY Upstate Medical University

Cardiac Research at Syracuse University

Cardiovascular Research at Johannes Kepler University of Linz


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