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Alicia Henn

Alicia Henn has been the Chief Scientific Officer of BioSpherix, Ltd since 2013. Previously, she was a researcher at the Center for Biodefense Immune Modeling in Rochester, NY. Alicia obtained her PhD in molecular pharmacology and cancer therapeutics from Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY and her MBA from the Simon School at University of Rochester in Rochester, NY.

Cytocentric Visionaries Hal Broxmeyer

Cytocentric Visionaries: Hal Broxmeyer November 27, 1944 ~ December 8, 2021 Hal Broxmeyer telling Randy Yerden about his latest findings in June 2016. The average height of the Cytocentric researcher has been reduced, now that we have lost a giant. Hal Broxmeyer died...

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Cytocentric Visionaries: David Lawrence

Cytocentric Visionaries: Dr. David Lawrence, University at Albany Inflammation and Oxidative Stress: Cell Conditions Matter, Even for CAR-T Dr. David A Lawrence is Professor and Chair of Environmental Health Sciences, at the School of Public Health and the University...

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Cytocentric Visionaries: Robert Elliott

Cytocentric Visionaries: Dr. Robert Elliott Dr. Robert Elliott, MD PhD, is a Surgeon for Diseases and Cancer of the Breast. He is also Director of the Elliott Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was gracious in joining us for an...

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Controlling Relative Humidity

Relative Humidity in Xvivo System Incubators New Concepts and Practices with the Risk-based Approach We are all taught to do cell biology in room air conditions with room air CO2 incubators. This is technology that hasn’t changed in 60 years. We filled up a big pan...

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Death to Cleanrooms

Death to Cleanrooms Cleanrooms can be eliminated for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, if the goal of 100% closed processing can be achieved. Learn why properly conditioned isolators are replacing cleanrooms. This bold statement is from Pharma’s Almanac article by Dr....

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Cytocentric Visionaries: Adrien Moya p2

Cytocentric Visionaries: Dr. Adrien Moya, University of Miami Part 2: Focusing on Cell Fate In Part One of this two-part interview, we talk with Dr. Moya about his recent paper on the importance of proper glucose and oxygen levels for MSC in regenerative medicine...

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Cytocentric Visionaries: Adrien Moya p1

Cytocentric Visionaries: Dr. Adrien Moya, University of Miami Part 1: Oxygen and Glucose for Engineering Tissues Dr. Adrien Moya has just started a post-doc at the University of Miami in the lab of Paul Schiller. Here we discuss Dr. Moya’s previous work in the CNRS...

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Cytocentric Visionaries Budd Tucker p2

Cytocentric Visionary: Budd Tucker, University of Iowa Part 2: Modularity is Key to Cell Therapy Process Flexibility   Dr. Budd Tucker is the Stephen A. Wynn Associate Professor of Regenerative Ophthalmology at the Stephen A. Wynn Institute for Vision Research,...

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