Fit any application, any budget, any lab, any cyto-need.

As opposed to conventional independent laboratory appliances, the Xvivo System is an integrated system of modules consisting of interconnecting chambers, subchambers, and co-chambers, each functionalized with controls for just the performance and efficiency required. All modules are compatible with all other modules. They can be mixed and matched to fit together and work together in millions of different ways to provide exactly what you and your cells need now, and change as your needs evolve. All modules can be reconfigured as needed, expanded as needed, redeployed as needed. You and your cells will never be dead-ended.


Building-blocks for Cyto-Success

3 categories of essential modules and 2 categories of non-essential but supporting modules are all it takes. Essential modules are the processing chambers, incubation chambers, and buffer chambers. Non-essential modules are laminar clean hoods and base cabinets. Systems are configured appropriately for size and function, and can be modified to scale up or scale out as needed.

Processing Chamber Modules

Glove box ExampleProcessing chambers are the modules inside of which you handle and process cells. They are basically closed hoods. They are closed like a glove box with soft sealed glove windows. They are clean inside like a conventional hood, but actually cleaner due to multiple levels of aseptic conditioning and the absolute isolation.  Plus they are like incubators because the full suite of critical cell parameters can be controlled inside too, including temperature, CO2, O2, CO, etc. 

Process chambers interconnect with any other process chamber or any buffer chamber.  Various types of processing chambers are available:

Culture Processing Chambers are uniquely designed to integrate with Incubation Chambers. They have the highest degree of aseptic conditioning so your incubators open only into the cleanest of environments. This eliminates the chance of contaminating your incubators. It also eliminates the chance of contaminating your cells during handling and processing.  The other processing chambers can optionally be configured with the same degree of cleanliness, but it is always obligatory in Culture Processing Chambers.  From 1 to 12 independent Incubation Chambers (depending on incubator size) can be fitted to each Culture Processing Chamber (depending on interconnecting modules).  Critical cell parameter control options further functionalize these process chambers so cells experience no disruptions when removed from the incubators.

General Processing Chambers are available in various sizes, but otherwise have all the same controls for aseptic conditioning and critical cell parameters as options.

Equipment Specific Processing Chambers are functionalized for specific equipment needs, especially the physical size and shape and access points necessary to efficiently integrate it. Any piece or multiple pieces of equipment can be accommodated, including microscopes, centrifuges, cell sorters, cell separators, liquid handling robots, any and all automation packages, any and all 3rd party equipment. Even conventional laboratory appliances such as incubators, refrigerators, freezers can be integrated.  All the same controls for aseptic conditioning and critical cell parameters are available as options.  

Incubator Bank Modules

Incubator Stack Chamber
Xvivo Chambers
Xvivo Chambers Small

Incubator Bank Modules hold one or more incubation chambers mounted in the bank.  Up to 3 Incubator Bank Modules can integrate with a Culture Processing Chamber. Up to 4 Incubation chambers depending on height can be mounted in each Incubator Bank Module. Incubation Chambers mount on internal face of Incubator Bank Module so incubator door opens only into the aseptic controlled atmosphere workspace of Culture Processing Chamber.  Incubation chambers come in different sizes and many control options are available to optimize the critical cell parameters for health and long term culture of cells in culture vessels. Removable racks, slide out trays, water pans are options.


Buffer Chamber Modules

Buffer Chamber Module

Buffer Chambers are the pass-thru passageways that isolate different sections of a system. They are like air locks (except they never keep air in them) with double doors. Buffer chambers provide separation between outside and inside of system so items can be passed in and out without compromising isolation. They also provide separation between adjacent processing chambers so items can be passed back and forth without compromising separation. Aseptic processing options and control options in Buffer Chambers are available depending on application.  Various sizes and shapes with single or multiple channels are options, and multiple door options are available to accommodate any pass-thru need. Any Buffer Chamber can interconnect with any Process Chamber.



Clean Hoods

Clean HoodStaging area for preparation of items entering and exiting an Xvivo System. Clean air is provided by HEPA filtered horizontal laminar air flow from back of hood toward open front of hood. Note that these are not BSL safety hoods, only clean hoods. Primary function is to provide a clean area for swabbing, debagging, etc. as well as for other preparations. Secondary function is to assure that any air going into an adjacent buffer chamber is clean.  Various widths are available. All interconnect to any buffer chamber.




Base Cabinets

Xvivo Base Cabinets

Small or large, any configuration can be fitted with base cabinets to make it free standing and moveable on casters. Options for shelves and/or cabinets built into base.





Unlimited Size And Shape And Function:

Xvivo Fit DrawingsXvivo Fit Drawings

Xvivo Fit DrawingsXvivo Fit Drawings

You can even put the entire lab inside. It is possible to transform all open cell-incompatible bench tops designed for people to a fully Cytocentric facility!