Xvivo System Configurations

Modular design of Xvivo System allows unlimited flexibility in physical and functional configuration.  Up front you can specify it to fit any existing space, budget, or need. Later you can reconfigure it as needed, as your space, budget and need changes.  Popular applications are usually configured with a common set of functional features particularly useful in that application. Examples:

Stem Cell Superstation

Nitric Oxide Incubator

Usually configured with multiple independent incubation chambers for multiple simultaneous protocols including: low O2 for simulation of stem cell niche, low O2 for high efficiency induction of iPSC cells, low O2 for prevention of chromosomal damage in long term hESC cultures, dynamic O2 and CO2 for increased stem cell expansion, dynamic O2 for  induction of proliferation and differentiation phenotypes, inverted microscope chamber with uninterruptible conditions, and other equipment specific processing chambers as needed, fully expandable and upgradeable into a cGMP compliant stem cell production mini-facility for later clinical trials.


Hypoxia Superstation

hypoxia superstation

Usually configured with deep hypoxia (to 0.1%) processing chambers integrated with deep hypoxia (to 0.1%) incubation chambers, for uninterrupted handling and processing of hypoxic cultures. Multiple independent incubation chamber with low range (0.1 - 20.9%) O2 control and programmability for intermittent hypoxia, acute hypoxia, chronic hypoxia, and dynamic programmable CO2 control for bicarbonate buffering against lactic acidosis.


Primary Culture Incubator

primary culture incubator

Usually configured with quarantine section due to high probability of sample contamination. Quarantine culture chambers are clear in order to detect overt contamination, and can be removed from system before opening to prevent contamination of system. Each is small and dedicated one primary per chamber with low O2 tension where primaries grow best. Contamination free cultures are released out of quarantine, and expanded in inner section configured with large incubation chambers with dynamic O2/CO2.


Virus, Vector, Prion Incubator

virus incubator

Usually configured for total containment to protect users, with physiologic simulation and uninterruptible conditions, with third party equipment as needed.


Nitric Oxide Core Facility

nitric oxide core facility

Usually configured for multiple simultaneous users, multiple simultaneous incubation protocols with full range dynamic control of NO, O2, and CO2 in all incubation chambers, external NO safety monitor and alarms, microscope chambers as needed, other equipment chambers as needed, and total containment.

Live Cell Microscopy Superstation

microscope workstation

Usually configured with multiple microscope chambers integrated and organized around one or more incubation chambers. Microscope chambers provide aseptic and cell optimized conditions around all microscopes enabling longer better controlled simultaneous exposures. Incubation chambers with identical conditions as microscope provide large cohort of cells identical to those imaged.


Oxygen Core Facility

oxygen core

Usually configured with multiple processing chambers for multiple simultaneous users, each with full range O2 control for uninterrupted handling, and multiple independent incubation chambers each with full range dynamic O2 control, and pericellular dissolved O2 sensors. Designed to characterize pericellular O2 achieved in existing protocols and then correct as necessary.


Phenotype Incubator

phenotype incubator

Usually configured with multiple banks of fully loaded independent incubation chambers, each with dynamic O2, CO2, NO, and CO control for maximal simulation of diverse physiologic conditions and rapid protocol development.  Programmability provides control over the time factor in development. Each incubator bank is usually integrated inside a processing chamber with identical controls for uninterruptible processing to avoid disturbance of all conditions that affect gene expression whether through transcription, epigenetics, or splicing.


Carbon Monoxide Core Facility

dissolved oxygen

Usually configured for multiple simultaneous users, multiple simultaneous incubation protocols with full range dynamic control of CO, O2, and CO2 in all incubation chambers, external CO safety monitor and alarms, microscope chambers as needed, other equipment chambers as needed, and total containment.


IVF Superstation

ivf workstation

Usually configured with closed aseptic micro-dissection station controlled at low O2, and embryo culture station with multiple independent isolated incubation chambers with CO2 and low O2 control for optimizing physiologic simulation of embryo formation all integrated into aseptic processing chamber with identical O2, CO2, and temperature for uninterrupted handling of embryos before implantation. Whether required or not, provides a platform for any IVF program to easily and economically achieve cGMP compliance.

Protocol Specific Configurations

adipocytes palo alto

Adipocytes - Palo Alto, CA


Cancer Stem Cells Oslo Norway

Cancer Stem Cells - Oslo, Norway

Chondrocytes Cleveland OH

Chondrocytes - Cleveland, OH


Tissue Engineering London UK

Tissue Engineering - London, UK

Winston Salem NC

Regenerative Medicine - Winston-Salem, NC


Trophoblasts Cambridge MA

Trophoblasts - Cambridge, MA

Mesenchymal Stem Cells Pittsburgh, PA

Mesenchymal Stem Cells - Pittsburgh, PA


hESC Copenhagen Denmark

(hESC) - Copenhagen Denmark

endothelial cells New York NY

Endothelial Cells - New York, NY


Hematopoietic stem cells bordeaux France

Hematopoietic Stem Cells - Bordeaux, France

IPSCs La Jolla CA

(iPSCs) - La Jolla, CA


Neural Stem Cells San Diego CA

Neural Stem Cells - San Diego, CA