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Three Reasons Not to Use 21% Oxygen In Vitro

You can finally control the gases around your cell cultures chambers and controllers and are all ready to jump into experiments, but where do you start? One study people often report is the comparison of physiologically appropriate oxygen levels with 21% oxygen.

Here’s why that isn’t such a good idea.

Cytocentric Visionaries: Alan Blanchard

Part Two: Reproducibility and Cell Culture Automation: To Be the Human or Not To Be?

In Part One, Dr. Henn talked with Dr. Alan Blanchard of Thrive Bioscience about automation of manual cell culture processes and how that can improve reproducibility.

Here, they discuss whether it is better to mimic the human technician or not. The transcript was edited for length and clarity.

Cytocentric Visionaries: Alan Blanchard

Cell Culture Automation for Reproducibility: People Never Do the Same Thing Twice

Alan Blanchard is the Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder, along with Thomas Forest Farb, of Thrive Bioscience. They are working to provide a fully automated system for cell culture. Thrive systems use programmable image capture, analysis, and fluid handling, all under incubator conditions.

Here Alicia Henn, CSO of BioSpherix, interviews Dr. Blanchard about how automation technology might help scientific reproducibility. The transcript was edited for length and clarity.


More Tips for Extreme Oxygen Studies:

Anoxia, Hypoxia, Physioxia and Hyperphysioxia

Cytocentric Basics: What oxygen level do the cells in my lab actually experience?

Researchers often shut the door on an incubator or chamber, check that the numbers on the outside for CO2 and O2 look good, and then turn away, assured that their cells are at the proper gas levels. However, setting up the atmosphere in any chamber does not mean that your cells inside experience that oxygen level.

Gases have to equilibrate with the liquid medium before they get to cells. Because oxygen does not dissolve well into aqueous solutions, if the medium is not pre-equilibrated to the desired oxygen levels, cells will experience unintended oxygen levels for a long time until the medium equilibrates with the chamber. See more information on that in a previous post here.

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Cytocentric Visionaries: Lauren Zenewicz, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Don’t Miss Your Cells’ Phenotype by Using Inappropriate Room Air Oxygen

Dr. Lauren Zenewicz is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Her lab studies Interleukin-22 and its role in the inflammation and disease. She published a recent article in Frontiers in Immunology on in vitro oxygen levels during immunological studies1. In this article, she proposes that oxygen be considered a microenvironmental trigger for immune cell signaling.