hypoxia cell growth biospherix lab

Lonza's CytoSMART Lab for Cell Growth under Hypoxia

Full-time Control of Conditions during Cell Handling Enhances the Expansion of Human MSC for Stem Cell Therapies


Research Interest

BioSpherix's scientific laboratory explores Cytocentric™ environments, in vitro spaces designed so that cells are protected from room air at all times, even during cell handling. A controlled environment is essential for good science, yet the conventional open room laboratory provides highly unstable and non-physiologic conditions for cells.

There is a high risk of microbial contamination and there are irregular exposures of cells to room air which is too cold, too low in carbon dioxide, and far too high in oxygen for cells to function as they do in vivo. As the high failure rate for drug candidates shows, it is very difficult to translate cellular responses assessed in room air environments to the in vivo environment. We strive to make the in vitro environment a more constant, less stressful, and more physiologically relevant place for cells.

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