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Compelling Evidence for Oxygen Control during Cord Blood Cell Handling

In this post, we are continuing our discussion of a recent paper in Cell (paywalled) [1] from the Broxmeyer group at Indiana University from the last post (here).

• Murine bone marrow HSC yields were boosted by 5-fold when the cells were protected from room air oxygen during cell isolation and handling.

• HSC yields from human cord blood were increased 3-fold when the cells were protected from room air.

• This was associated with cellular ROS production linked to p53 signaling, and the mitochondrial permeability transition pore (MPTP) which could be attenuated by cyclophilin D treatment.



The in vivo Relevance of Past Studies Performed in Room Air

A recent paper in Cell (paywalled) from the Broxmeyer group at Indiana University coined the term extraphysiologic shock/stress (EPHOSS) to describe a distinct negative effect of exposure to room air on hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) yields. [1] In this study, the authors isolated mouse bone marrow HSC with one femur in an atmosphere of constant 3% oxygen and the other in room air. They also took an aliquot of bone marrow cells protected from room air during isolation and exposed it to ambient air during processing for comparison.

Their findings were striking.



The Reproducibility Crisis and the CytoCentric Environment

There has been a lot of public attention directed at scientific reproducibility, most recently in articles in PLOS Biology, and in the Washington Post. A National Academy of Sciences workshop, and a University College London event, have also focused public attention on the etiology of irreproducible biomedical studies. The inability to get the same results in study after study has tremendous economic and social impact on our country.


Just How “Closed” is a Functionally Closed System?

Open. Closed. Functionally Closed. What do these terms mean in bioprocessing?

Clear definitions were published in a classic BioPharm International article1 here, in part:



BioSpherix to Present at ISSCR This Week.

In Stockholm, Sweden, about 3000 people are gathering this week to share the latest research and insights into stem cell biology. BioSpherix is there, presenting “Controlled Conditions Throughout Cell Handling Steps Increases Cell Culture Yields at Physiologically Relevant in vitro Oxygen Levels.” Details below.

Wednesday Jun 24, 2015, 18:30 – 20:30

Poster Board W-1518

BioSpherix will also be exhibiting at Booth B04:23.


Come by and see our latest technologies for unbroken oxygen control.