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Proox C21

Carbon Dioxide & Oxygen Controller

Efficiently control oxygen and carbon dioxide in a glove box, incubator or any chamber

  • Full Range Oxygen Control
  • Independent CO2 Control
  • Contamination Resistant
  • Forced Gas Homogenization


The new ProOx C21 is a practical tool for researchers experimenting on cell cultures where both oxygen  and carbon dioxide control and monitoring are needed. The ProOx C21 controls both gases in one convenient unit. The remote gas control pod has a unique design that is resistant to initial and inadvertent cross-contamination maintaining a contamination free environment.

The ProOx C21 fits and controls most bench-top incubators and a variety of common cell culture chambers. The ProOx C21 is optimally compatible with the full range of BioSpherix C-Chamber, SubChamber options. The unit mounts or is installed quickly and easily.

Cells normally exist in low oxygen micro-environments and thus need to be modeled in vitro. The ProOx C21 is able to simulate any low oxygen environment that is critical to these cells. The ProOx C21 can also supply elevated oxygen concentration for hyperoxic conditions. Irrespective of the oxygen requirement, the unit independently controls CO2 for correct maintenance of pH. The gasses are infused and controlled to the user programmed setpoint.

Feedback for the custom designed oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors tells the ProOx C21 exactly when and how much gas to infuse. No gas is ever wasted. Recovery after access is especially rapid within the BioSpherix SubChambers, avoiding prolonged deviations away from the setpoint. Operation is simple and efficient.

Handle any Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Research Protocol

...Where ambient conditions are not correct the ProOx C21 can provide any other level of oxygen or carbon dioxide you need.

...Where ambient atmosphere is not air, the ProOx C21 can restore and maintain air-equivalent oxygen and carbon dioxide.

...Where oxygen or carbon dioxide consumption or generative processes need to be countered the ProOx C21 can hold both stable against destabilizing loads.



Precautions to minimize the risk of both initial and cross-contamination are incorporated into the unique pod design. The pod works by isolating the potential source of the contamination, using disposable microbial barriers on all parts of the gas delivery, sampling and return. Contamination should not be drawn into the gas monitoring loop from the cell culture. If the sampling loop becomes contaminated the microbial barrier eliminates the risk of cross infection on the return. All of the controlled, infused gas is sterile filtered. The microbial barrier filters are user renewable and all contact surfaces, including the gas homogenization fan, are easily decontaminated.

It can work continuously year-round or on occasion as needed. It's easy to move to different labs if necessary.

Reduce contamination risk while reducing gas consumption

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ProOx C21 Pod:

The pod component of the ProOx C21 is uniquely designed to isolate the critical cell environment which can get contaminated from the sensing mechanisms for monitoring the gases in the chamber. This isolation is accomplished by putting the sensors inside the pod and pulling a sample from the chamber to the pod then through the sensors back into the chamber.

C21 pod
Pod design reduces contamination by prefiltering air before sampling.

This side stream sampling starts with the sterile filter and ends with a sterile filter inside the chamber so that if there was contamination it doesn’t spread into the sensor or out into the culture environment.

New alarm indicator light will notify users of potential problems before your cells are comprimised.

Front Panel Interface


Typical Configuration

From outside the host chamber, the ProOx C21 works by remotely sensing oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the chamber and infusing gas to control both. O2 is infused to raise the oxygen and N2 is infused to lower it. CO2 is infused to raise carbon dioxide and N2 is infused to displace it.  Once the initial gas reaches its setpoint, the second quickly follows. The accessory pod that attaches to the C-Chamber SubChamber contains the gas sensors. These sensors are isolated behind microbial barriers and also isolated from the controlled environment of the culture chamber. The pod also provides the infused, sterile, filtered gas. A flexible conduit (umbilical) connects the controller to the pod.

c21 schematic

The ProOx C21 consists of 2 basic parts connected by a closeable umbilical. The controller can be positioned where accessible by the user and the pod interfaces directly with the controlled unit or BioSpherix C-Chamber. The face of the accessory pod has a gas homogenizing fan and also provides the outlet of the gas infusion nozzle and side stream sampling ports for the protected sensors.


All operations are conveniently located at the front of the panel and all connections are located at the back and out of the way allowing for less interference and increasing usability for cell culture research and development.

O2 and CO2 concentration sensor readings are displayed in bright green numbers to be continuously and easily monitored from across the lab. Manual switch for gas provides a convenient shut off thus saving gas when chamber door is opened. An alarm buzzer, also manual, will remind you if you have forgotten to turn the gas back on.

Use Any Gas Supply:

ProOx C21 conveniently utilizes gas from any source. Best supply depends on consumption. Compressed gas is best in low consumption applications. Generator is best in high consumption applications. Liquid is best in between.


Chamber gas consumption varies widely, but in every case the ProOx C21 always and absolutely minimizes gas consumption. It’s maximally efficient! Gas costs are reduced to an absolute minimum.



The C21 combines the best features of the P110 and P120 in one convenient unit.


  1. Sensors are isolated away from the cell culture space with microbial filters using disposable, user replaceable, microbial barrier filters.
  2. The gas is homogenized by a small, user-sterilizable fan.
  3. A cleaner look is enabled using a single complete umbilical rather than multiple individual components.
  4. Easier to service...remove the cover of pod with a screwdriver, pop out sensor.
  5. Easier service of the pod without breaching the integrity of the controlled chamber.


 C21 5 CO2 5O2 Control

At time (1) user opened and closed door briefly for access. Room air rushed in and took both O2 and CO2 away from setpoint. However, automatic feedback immediately responded and returned both gasses back to setpoint. At time (2) user unlatched door but before he could open it became distracted and forgot to re-latch, thus increased chamber leakage.  Again however, automatic feedback control quickly adjusted and re-established setpoints. Obviously gas consumption increased to accommodate the increased load but the integrity of the experiment was maintained.



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