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Dynamic Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Controller

Deliver programmed O2 and CO2 exposures in multiple chambers with computer datalogging

  • Dynamic O2 Exposures
  • Programmable Hypoxia/Hyperoxia
  • Physiological O2 Control
  • Pathologic O2 Modeling


The OxyCycler C42 is a unique dual channel/dual gas controller for incubators and C-Chambers. Controlling oxygen and carbon dioxide offers independently programmable channels for optimum control. No other instrument has such a fine simulation of dynamic exposure. Applications include ischemic reperfusion, intermittent hypoxia, graded hypoxia, and timed hyperoxia.


Changes in O2 concentration do affect the physiology of the cells in vivo and now you can simulate these O2 dynamics in vitro. To recreate conditions such as heart attack, strokes and epilepsy, complex, multi setpoint oxygen profiles have to be created and reproduced to develop these dynamic models. The OxyCycler is the only and predominant instrument capable of meeting these demands.

The OxyCycler sits outside your incubator and couples via umbilicals to actuator pods attached to the incubator pods within. These pods contain the sensors and gas infusion nozzle as well as mounting hardware. Our C-Chamber SubChambers have specially designed pod mounting adapter plates. The OxyCycler remotely senses the active gas concentrations in the chamber and infuses O2/CO2 to increase or N2 to decrease to the programmed setpoints.

The C42 controller offers sophisticated O2 and CO2 profiling in this unique instrument. It easily creates any profile needed between 0.1-99.9% O2 and 0.1-20.0% CO2 independently and in multiple chambers simultaneously. The C42 enables multiple setpoints for any length of time, over any rate of change between these setpoints with any number of cycles and setpoints. The OxyCycler C42 makes complex oxygen cycling easy.

A standard OxyCycler comes with a computer system for easy interface, real time trend charting, datalogging, and remote operation. Since the OxyCycler works with semi sealed SubChambers the profiles are normobaric. N2 and O2/CO2 gas infusions displace the chamber gas while internal and external pressure remain equilibrated.

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Any gas supply can be used by the OxyCycler C42, but some supplies may be more efficient.

Compressed gas is best with low consumption applications
Liquid is best for middle level consumption applications
Generators are best with high consumption




The OxyCycler C42 is used predominantly as a dual SubChamber SystemTM for experiment and control. These isolative SubChambers are placed within a third party CO2 only or thermal incubator. The OxyCycler is supplied by three control gases: O2, N2, and CO2 and fits any of our standard SubChambers. The Oxycycler C42 connects to the SubChambers by flexible umbilicals, which consist of electrical and pneumatic leads, that thread through either a port opening on the wall of the incubator or inserted through the front door.


Pod Design

Years of design and application optimization have created this state of the art gas infusion and sensing pod. The pod maintains a sterile environment, gas control, sensing, and infusion.

Pod Schematic

An extension of the controller is a pod, which contains an oxygen sensor and a carbon dioxide sensor that read the gases inside the SubChambers. In response to feedback from the sensors the appropriate gas is added to control both oxygen and carbon dioxide at the appropriate set points and times.

Typical Configuration

oxycycler schematics

The minimum configuration is two chambers. Each can be programmed independently to provide a control chamber and one experimental point, or if the control culture is outside of a standard incubator then both chambers can be used as experimental points.




Multiple and Independent Gas Profiling

The OxyCycler C42 allows you to create any change in oxygen and/or carbon dioxide concentration. You can independently control and profile up to two chambers simultaneously,  which means you have one control profile and one experimental profile. Up to seventeen different profiles can be stored and each can be run in any chamber at any time. Chambers can have the same profile simultaneously or can be staggered to begin at different times. Each profile can have 1 to 20 setpoints and can be from 0.1-99.9% O2 and 0.1-20.0% CO2. The rate between setpoints can be 0-999 minutes with resolution to seconds. Profiles can be cycled continuously or 1 to 99 times.

Intermittent Hypoxia


Hypoxic stress can model components of many severe diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, asthma, or epilepsy. Frequency, duration and degree of drops are all adjustable.


Hypoxic Preconditioning Graph


Cells destined for implantation will experience hypoxia and may be better prepared if they are conditioned to it before implantation. Ischemia may also be protected by conditioning. The OxcyCycler C42 can easily run any preconditioning profile.

Graded Hypoxia Graph


Model step reduction in oxygen, similar to altitude acclimation to gradually condition cells for hypoxic upregulation of gene expression. The rate of change between any two levels is adjustable and repeatable. The duration at any given level is adjustable and repeatable.


Acute Hyperoxia GraphACUTE HYEROXIA
Sudden increases in oxygen can cause cell damage. The OxyCycler C42 allows modeling toxicity of oxygen in any cell culture, similar to toxicity from recreational oxygen inhalation by athletes, therapeutic oxygen administration in critical care units, and other sudden exposures to high oxygen. The rate of oxygen increase can be adjusted to change faster to overwhelm antioxidants, or change slower to condition for antioxidants.



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