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C-ChamberHypoxia Chamber for Cell Culture

  • Small size and volume - Saves gas!
  • Optimized for gas efficiency
  • No complicated "flushing" procedures
  • Fast recovery time
  • Four standard sizes
  • Hypoxia Chamber w/built in humidity pan
  • Magnetically sealed door - no latches
  • Fully disassembles for easy cleaning and decontamination
  • Rugged construction provides years of maintenance free service

Our C-Chamber Hypoxia Chamber Series are designed to fit right inside your existing incubator. They provide practical, controlled, and isolated atmospheres for cell cultures. These space efficient hypoxia chambers can be integrated with our sophisticated controllers to create dedicated culture chambers within the incubator for advanced cell culture protocols. Cells within the C-Chamber are isolated from the external environment, dramatically reducing the risk of contamination. They may also be used for protected, uninterrupted transport for cells.

The C-Chamber atmospheres can easily be regulated by any of our gas controllers.; the ProOx P110 for oxygen; ProCO2 P120 for carbon dioxide; and the OxyCycler gas profilers for oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide and other gasotransmitters. Temperature is controlled by the host incubator.

Because of their economical size and the fact that they do not require complicated flushing procedures, C-Chambers are extremely efficient in gas use. They reach set point quickly and use a minimum amount of gas. Recovery time is remarkably fast.

The Hypoxia Chamber comes in four sizes to accommodate as many or as few plates as are called for in the hypoxic/hyperoxic programmed environments. They also make it possible to save gas when it is not necessary to use the entire incubator for your experiment. Overall the chambers will lower gas consumption and make your incubator more efficient.


It's not expensive and it's available now.
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Extreme oxygen levels consume large amounts of gas in a full incubator or glovebox chamber. The hypoxia chamber has a space-efficient design allows you to culture as few or as many plates as you require in precise hypoxia/hyperoxia conditions with minimal gas usage.

Chamber trays, water pan, guides and hardware are all made of 300 Series Stainless steel. The chamber is made of clear Lexan plastic and the door seal is magnetic. Fully disassembles for easy cleaning and decontamination.

Our Hypoxia Chambers come stocked in the following sizes:

cell culture subchambers

Part Number Description Size (Outside Dimensions)
C-174 1-shelf chamber 14”W x 12”D x 5.25”H
C-274 2-shelf chamber 14”W x 12”D x 6”H
C-374 3-shelf chamber 14”W x 12”D x 8”H
C-474 4-shelf chamber 14”W x 12”D x 10”H



Works in Every Incubator

The C-Chamber’s atmosphere can easily be controlled by any of our gas controllers including the ProOx (Oxygen Controller), ProCO2 (Carbon Dioxide Controller), OxyCycler profiling controllers (for all bioactive gases, e.g. Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitric Oxide, Ozone, etc.) and Xvivo system (bioactive gas and temperature control).


 C-Chamber PodC-Chamber Adapter Plate

Hypoxia chambers have mounting cutouts for ProOx and/or ProCO2 sensor adapters or OxyCycler actuator pods or custom adapters for specialized needs.

cChamber incubator

Each tray has a usable surface area for plates of 12.75” x 10.25” with a 2” clearance above the tray.

After the door is closed, our gas controller(s) will quickly restore the atmosphere inside the C-Chamber to your pre-programmed settings, minimizing the time your cells are exposed to room oxygen levels.


Custom Cell Culture Chambers

BioSpherix has been working with leading edge scientists for 30 years developing custom cell culture chambers for a large variety of applications. We can build any chamber to suit your needs.


Installation Options

Single Setpoint Oxygen Controller
1 Chamber in CO2 incubator

cChamber installation Option
One controller requires mixed gas more affordable upfront but

Single Setpoint Oxygen & CO2 Controller 1 Chamber in Standard Incubator
cChamber install Option
Using straight non-mixed gas, will save money in the long run

2 Single Setpoint Oxygen Controllers 2 Cell Culture Chambers in CO2 Incubator
cChamber install Option
Expand your research one chamber at a time while saving space for standard experiments

Oxycycler Dynamic Oxygen Controller 3 Chamber

cChamber install Option
With 2 profiling chambers & 1 control hone in on your target much quicker 

Oxycycler Dynamic Oxygen & CO2 Controller 4 Chamber

 cChamber install Option
With 4 Profiles, expedite results with less work



Gas Consumption

With 4 sizes of culture chambers you can truly customize your equipment to meet your research. Gas efficient cell culture has never been easier. Combine with a gas controller and you will no longer return expensive half-used premixed gas cylinders. Our chambers range from around 7-15% total volume of a typical benchtop incubator. 85-90% less volume can lead to a significant gas savings.

 Gas Consumption graph

Avoid Sub-Optimal Conditions

Most cells in your body are ~3% O2. Unfortunately most scientists culture cells in room air which is 85% higher than typical physiologic conditions. Oxygen has been shown to be toxic at high and low levels. In today's world, elevated costs of operation and increased competition make it more important than ever to get consistent early-verifiable results. Every time your incubator door is opened and your cells start to see inconsistent conditions this can increase the noise in most experiments. C-Chambers can help reduce the signal-to-noise ratio. C-Chambers will also decrease recovery times dramatically; the graph below displays conditions in an incubator throughout a typical 12 hour workday. The 30 minute recovery times and non-optimal exposures are all but eliminated in a C-Chamber system

People Centric 4Day Graph


Sometimes cells need to be transported down the hall, around the lab, or even to adjacent buildings for the next step in their research. With a C-Chamber you can just unplug and go. The C-Chamber will ensure your cells are protected from sub-optimal conditions at all times.

Transportability graph


Some experiments require cells be removed from the incubator for a great amount of time, whether you have a long distance to go, or your cells need preconditioning according to your protocol the C-Chamber can provide the right environment. Oxygen sensitive research is often corrupted when cells are exposed to sub-optimal conditions; random intervals each time a process is completed greatly magnifies the problem.

Preconditioning graph


Up to four experiments in a single incubator. Never waste valuable incubator space with a specific protocol. Combine a few C-Chambers with our multi-chamber gas controllers and accelerate your research.

Flexibility graph



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